Friday, August 03, 2007

I haven't been awol...I've been watering

Endless Summer Hydrangea

It has been such a dry, dry season. I am very thankful that we had so much rain this past winter. Seems as if there is always some area that needs water. I have been collecting rain water and use that as much as possible.

My Hydrangea is blooming and I hope next year it grows to be even more beautiful. I have read that some people have had trouble with the Endless Summer and I hope that I won't be one of them.

Poppies direct sowed this spring are starting to bloom, red ones, yellow ones, lilac, orange- all colors of the rainbow. I love poppies. So spring-like and delicate looking.

Clematis Multi-Blue
Clematis have been blooming like crazy. Multi-blue is almost done, and also H.F. Young, which I didn't post a picture of. Lots of purple!

Clematis Nelly Moser
One of my oldest clematis is Nelly Moser. I dug this up from my mom's yard 6 or 7 years ago and planted it at my old place, then transplanted it here a year ago. Last summer I only had one or to blooms, but this year has been much better. I imagine next year it will fill the arch it is on.

My coneflowers are doing well. These I received from a neighbor last fall. I have 4 plants blooming and the color really stands out.

Dianthus Siberian Blues
Siberian Blues were planted this spring, I received them in a plant trade. Nice bright color and a strong bloomer.

Teddy Bear Sunflower
Teddy Bear Sunflower survived the squirrels this spring, only one of a dozen or so planted after winter sowing. This plant has 4 flower buds, so it is making up for my loss. It is a short plant, only 12 or 18 inches tall.

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