Thursday, October 18, 2007

Some red for YOU!

A few days ago there was no sign of this brilliant red. We got a bit of rain and over night they have turned. It is spectacular I tell you!
The Maple trees around it are yellow and green and the nearby Walnut trees are completely bare now. Tulip Poplar is still shades of green and yellow. Choke Cherry is a fading green. We are lucky to also have a few very mature Pine trees that will give lots of color throughout the dreary drab gray winter months.
Here's a couple of buzzards sitting in one of our trees out back. They don't normally hang out there and I wouldn't normally take a picture of them. It was unusual to see them there though, so thought I would share them with you.
My beautiful Toad Lilies are still blooming their little heads off. This is the best show that I have ever gotten from them and I am loving it!


ericat said...

Such gorgeous photos again. What a huge tree! No sun on that house? We do not have the colors of autumn. It is hot and it is cold, no slow in betweens. I do not know the buzzards (of coarse not) They seem the size of pigeons ? I have not traveled much but it is exciting to see unfamiliar birds. No wonder the settlers brought the English sparrow and the Minah bird.
I am talking too much.

Connie said...

Such beautiful color on that tree! We have so many pines around us....I would love to have a tree like that.

a friend said...

Your toad lilies are gorgeous!