Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Hillside Veggie Garden

Can you tell how steep this hill is? Not only is the garden on the side of a hill, it is also facing NORTH! It will be quite the season to see how well things do. I have everything sowed now and only have the Brandywine Tomato's left to plant. It has been real windy lately and not wanting to flatten them, I am waiting to put them into the ground.

I have plans to terrace the garden and make some sort of rustic twig fence around it. Fencing will probably be first, just to keep the critters out.

I went and checked the rows out today and pulled a few clods of weeds still laying around and starting to grow. I have leftover piles of leaves from last year that I may use as mulch to help keep the weeds down and the moisture in, but may omit them to use in the flower beds instead.

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