Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter Sowing has begun!!

Today I got my first batch of winter sowing done. I did 23 containers! I am excited to get started on some gardening (sort of).

Here is a list of what I started:

4 containers of Candy Lily
3 containers of Baptisia
2 containers of Stoke's Blue Aster
2 containers of Texas Star Hibiscus
2 containers of Prarie Night Monarda
1 container of Purple Spiderwort
1 container of Agastache Anise Hyssop
2 containers of Liatrus
2 containers of Tulip Poplar
2 containers of Sweet Bay Magnolia
2 containers of Frasier Fir

I would have done many more, but have temporarily run out of containers that are prepared. In another week or so I will be ready for a second batch.

The weather was mild today, in the mid 50's. I was able to get outside and also direct sow some seeds also. This list includes:

Purple Coneflower
Blue Flax
New England Aster
Red Yucca
Rocky Mountain Penstamon
Balloon Flower

Because the weather has been above freezing for awhile, I decided to also sow some spinach, lettuce and some Sweet Basil. It would be awesome to have a fresh salad in the middle of winter, or even late winter!

Another gardening project today was planting 14 Blue Delft Hyacinth bulbs. These are one of my favorites. A beautiful color, very fragrant, and deer resistant too. I planted these near my bedroom windows. This bed also has several young Red Bud trees planted in it. In a few years there is going to be spectacular color out those windows.

As gardeners always say, "Just wait til next year!"


sewobsessed said...

Wow, you've got a lot WSed!
I'm barely started. My husband and children don't quite appreciate my 'plastic garden'.

Angie said...

My husband didn't appreciate mine last year until he saw all of the free plants I got out of. He is better this year, but I think he is embarrassed that the neighbors will see it. haha!

sewobsessed said...

I see you're not listed on Garden Voices! What an oversight :(
Why don't you drop Caren White ( a note to let her know you'd like to be listed? Tell her I suggested you do. I like your blog very much and it seems a shame for everyone else not to see and read it!

sewobsessed said...

Garden Voices is a daily (sometimes more than once daily) reblog of clips from garden blogs all over the net. Caren reads through all the new postings on garden blogs, then posts clips of them so you can decide to continue reading or not. Sooooo much easier than having a huge list of links in a favs folder or something and trying to figure out who has new postings and stuff. The list on the right of the site is all the blogs all over the world that she checks for us daily! It's simply awesome!
I'd be really glad if you joined us :)