Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New growth, mild weather, and a new year

Well, two of the babies on the Amaryllis already have new growth. One began on the 31st and has 1 1/2 inches of growth already. The other just began yesterday and has maybe a half inch of growth. I am excited! It is kept in a warm, sunny location in the house. I think this helps a lot.

The mild weather has been great! I have been getting more work done outdoors. I dug up and moved 18 Forsythia along our side lane. They are going to be beautiful in a few years when they have grown thick.

I transplanted many Grape Muscari. They are very plentiful, so I moved lots of them to a spot on the south end of the house, by a stone wall path. There are already several planted there and I also sowed some Chiondoxia seeds there in the fall.

In that same location, I put in some plastic edging on Sunday. It was such a beautiful day. The soil felt warm to my fingers, I was not wearing gloves! It will be nice for my husband Chris to be able to mow right up to the edging now without having to get the weed wacker out. I will also not have to continue to pull the grass away from the first step.

On the wild hillside, I got out there and cleared a spot below a maple tree and moved a bench that I made out there. It overlooks Norris Run, our creek, and the Delaware State Park. The view is beautiful. I direct sowed Blue Flax, my favorite flower, all around it. This may also be a good deer viewing location, it is near one of the paths that they use, but not too close.

Speaking of bulbs, our Lowe's has the remaining bulbs hidden in the garden section 50% off. I got a couple packs of Blue Delft Hyacinths and some purple Alliums and also planted those. Maybe 80 bulbs.

I am so excited I can hardly wait to see the explosion of blooms here in three months. It seems so far away, but with this mild weather, if I can keep going out and do some gardening, it is going to be here in no time at all!

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