Thursday, February 22, 2007

The facts of life...

A few nights ago Chris and I heard a large bang at the front window and found that a little sparrow had run smack dab into it and was on the ground trying to recover. There were feathers stuck to the window. It was still alive, looking very stunned. Chris said it was going to die for sure. We both stood at the window for awhile watching and waiting for it to fly away. I decided to go out into the drizzle and take a closer look.

I put my gloves on and it allowed me to pick it up and keep it sheltered in my hands. Its breathing seemed to be labored and its eyes kept closing. It hung in there though. I held it for 15 minutes or so and it appeared to be recovering, moving more and acting more awake. I didn't want to stand out in the rain for much longer and it was starting to get dark. I took it around to the back of the house to a more sheltered location. We have a small wood pile out the back door. I rearranged some of the pieces so I could set the little bird down in it and cover it, but leave an opening for it to get out and fly away. I checked on it throughout the evening and it stayed right there, eyes still open and still breathing. I didn't expect it to really leave until morning, since it was dark and birds don't really go flying around a lot after dark.

The next morning I went out and to my delight, it was gone! I looked around at the bird feeders, hoping by some chance to see it giving me a thumbs ups, but of course, there were too many birds to be able to see it.

A few hours later I went out to fill a few of the feeders. My supply of birdseed it next to the wood pile by the house in a red rubber maid container. As I bent down to open it, I saw them, the feathers of a sparrow, all over the ground, not 2 foot away from the spot where I had put the bird. I was sad but hopeful that somehow this wasn't the same bird.

We have several stray "wild" cats around. We live next to a state park where there are many cats running around. 2 or 3 of them are frequently at our back door, teasing our indoor cat River. I am sure one them got the little bird.

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