Sunday, February 25, 2007

A snowman for the season

The snow was finally the right consistency for rolling snowballs, so here is a snowman already beginning to melt. It was close to 50 degrees today, so it won't be much longer and the grass and ground will be visible.

I was able to get out and around today without having to wear mucking boots, although with the mud rising, the boots aren't put away for good.

This is a view of the back of the house and hillside taken from the south lane on the property. You can see from the sleds the kids use it a lot. You may also be able to see a swing hanging from that giant old Walnut tree in the center.
Here is the entrance to the area I call The Wilds. It is on a hillside, is very rocky, and very weedy. I have been attempting to clear out small areas and replant them. I hope to some day have it completely redone.
This path is actually right behind the house leading into the hillside. I have lined it with fallen trees and branches, used bark from felled trees to line the path, planted some Hosta, ferns, and Columbine along it. There is also a small bench that looks out over the creek.

I hoped you enjoyed the tour today. Sorry, still no flowers!

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