Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fade to Purple...

I transplanted 8 Virginia Blue Bells from the base of the hill below the giant Walnut tree to my Maple bed top side. Top side refers to the top side of the hill, which is where the house and barn are. The bottom of the hill is a completely different world from top side. It is much more secluded, has awesome plants running wild (including the Virginia Blue Bells field), Norris Run creek, an old partially filled in pond, a spillway, and lots of wildlife.
Anyway, I transplanted the Virginia Blue Bells when they were around 8 inches tall. They are just starting to bloom-so beautiful! Next year I will be transplanting many many more top side.

This Blue Creeping Phlox is also starting to bloom. It looks quite snazzy by the rock wall with the Grape Muscari blooming up against it.
Here is a partial look at the Maple bed, named for the 4 Maple trees that the bed surrounds. In this section I have the Virginia Blue Bells, Grape Muscari, Hostas, various tulips and daffodils, Lily of the Valley, and maybe some weeds too. I have started planting my newly painted wheel barrel with saved from last year Geraniums, Bachelor Buttons that I winter sowed this year and Spider Plants from in the house. I still have an entire section empty and ready for me to plant.

I moved one of my newly made 'garden balls' outside to the brick path. Too bad the internet satellite dish is part of the flower bed. On the right is a Purple Leaf Sandcherry getting ready to bloom.

I started dragging house plants outdoors. These are all under the eaves close to the front door where it will be quick and easy to toss them back inside if needed. Hopefully they can stay out and in a couple more weeks I can plant them all into the ground and use those plant stands for something else during the summer.


Kelly said...

at our old house we had the dish right in the middle of our back view. such a bummer...but I wasn't willing to give up my HBO.

My creeping phlox is going gangbusters all of a sudden, too. So lovely.

Angie said...

Satellite dishes are such a pain! We have another on the roof for t.v., it is only about 7 foot away from the one on the pole. You'd think with today's technology that they could invent a way to make the receiver about the size of one of those antennas you see on newer cars for the Navi systems. Some day...