Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Frosting anyone?

Adding insult to injury, Old Man Winter sure is doing his best to push Mother Nature around. With the cold snap, so many injured trees and plants really didn't need the frost on top of it all.
Hopefully last night was the last freeze warning, but I am sure he isn't done yet. Luckily the sedum above is quite tough.
Hmmmm......frosted Pansy's. Luckily they will rebound, pretending to dislike the cold.
These Delft Blue Hyacinth's are planted in a less sunny location than others that I have, or they would have already bloomed by now. With our second Spring on its way, it will be nice to have these to smell.
I have very few Quince flowers this year. A year ago this shrub was a riot of red blooms, but an early freezing rain killed off most of the buds, except for these few at the base. There's always next year.
This Japanese Maple is a tough one. Although these new leaves may end up falling off, this tree can withstand a lot. It has been moved at least 4 times, endured leaf burn from too much sun and now this. It will still be beautiful.
It still looks like the dead of winter here. How is it that the cold, freezing, frosty temperatures never seem to affect the dandelions, the poison ivy, the thistles, the mint, the blasted garlic mustard, and all of those other annoying weeds? The underbelly of the yard seems to thrive on adverse conditions and come out stronger and tougher each time.

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