Friday, March 09, 2007


65 degrees today!!! 65!!! I cannot believe it. So wonderful!

I have been outside as much as I can. Washing windows, picking up sticks and branches and trash, getting mud all over my boots. Ahhh the joys of spring. I walked down by the creek and into the woods. Smelled a skunk, but luckily didn't run into it. I edged a flower bed until I got to a frozen spot and couldn't go any further. I checked out all of the bulbs coming up, Tulips and crocuses and daffodils and even hyacinths. I kicked the piles of snow apart to make the melt faster. I chopped some poison ivy out of a tree. I breathed deep and hard and I got HOT. What a wonderful day.

I got 7 more containers winter sowed today. Castor Bean, Black Russian Sunflower, Miribilis Jalapa, Cleome, Monarda, Impatiens, and Purple Majesty Millet. The plastic garden is getting bigger and I am almost out of bags of soil. I don't have any sprouts yet, but I expect it won't be long now that we are expecting temperatures above 50 for at least a week.

So many things to do outside now that it is warm enough to get out there. Many perennials to trim back. Plants to move. Soil to amend. Compost to turn. Maiden grass to cut down. Sink holes to fill. Lots of edging to be done. Bird houses to be hung. Rocks and bricks to collect. There are already weeds growing too.

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