Thursday, May 10, 2007

The morel of the story...

Taking a walk down my woodland path I have recently been glancing about wondering if I would find any wild mushrooms. I didn't, until I squatted down to relax for a moment and realized I was surrounded by 3 morel mushrooms.
We looked and searched and looked and searched and couldn't find anymore. I am betting that of course there really are more, but we just aren't seeing them. By the way, they were delicious!

Last night I got 8 Baptisia planted, 4 Cleome, and 1 Cosmos. I also sorted through my winter sowing jugs and moved the unsprouted ones to shed area and left the ones with starts where they are at until they are a little bit bigger and I can plant them.

I also put pumpkin seeds in the ground and also some more Baptisia seeds. Everything seems to be doing okay (knock on wood!).

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