Friday, May 04, 2007

Tis the season to be too busy to blog...or...Candles in the trees...

The blue spruce that was literally sitting on the ground when we moved here is candling. This tree was balled and burlaped and had been sitting in its spot for so long that the roots had grown through the burlap and into the ground. Luckily it was sitting in the shade or it would certainly have dried out and died in no time. I dug up what had rooted and moved the entire thing into a nice sunny open spot about a year and a half ago. I really love seeing these "candles" forming on the branches. It reminds me of all it has gone through. What a fighter it is!

The Blue Flax that I winter sowed last year and only had a few blooms on is blooming like crazy this year. It is thick and full and luxurious looking and the blooms really glow in the mornings.
Bloody Cranesbill Geraniums are opening up in the woodland area. They really brighten the area up during this time. Soon they will be gone for the rest of year, no trace of foliage left behind.
Creeping Phlox is still blooming fantastically. I now have 2 clumps of the blue growing in there thanks to Tattooedgardner in New York. We did a plant swap through Plant Traders and this is one of the wonderful plants she sent me. Thanks Heather!
I thought you'd enjoy looking at the view of this path going up instead of down, just for a different perspective. I built these walls and paths last spring with materials I found throughout the property.
The local flea market started up last Sunday and we went. It only costs 50 cents per carload to get in and although many items are leftovers from last year, there is always new things. I picked up this iron table for $5. It is in really good shape, but the white paint had to go.
I used some black metallic automotive paint my husband had to freshen it up and it turned out fabulous!
One last picture for the day of a field of dandelions. Mow mow mow all you want and a day later this is what you have anyway!

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