Monday, January 29, 2007

Ok, enough of the snow and winter...bring on Spring

Snow, snow, go away
Come again next Christmas day

Snow, snow, melt away
Send the coldness far away

Spring, spring, come today
A gardener wants to dig today

Spring, spring, oh hear me say
Let the sunshine come this way

Snow, snow, go away
A gardener wants to plant today.

There are so many Cardinals here right now that the color that they bring to the winter garden is like the first flowers of Spring.

This is a Junco, we have a large amount of them. I have never seen (or never noticed) them around here before.

This little Junco is using this feeder as shelter against the wind. It was only 15 degrees when I took these pictures....brrrrrr....

As you can see, I have received quite a selection of seed, plant and gardening catalogs. I look through them over and over again. I have a list of favorites -do to how well it is put together, how well the pictures are presented, the quantity of pictures, the information given.
Here they are, not in any particular order, because I like them equally well:

1. Architectural Plants -this wonderful pamphlet from the U.K. has the most spectacular photographs of offered European, Asian, and exotic architectural plants. I don't think they ship plants to the U.S., but they did send me the catalog.

2. Wilkerson Mill Gardens -a beautiful catalog filled with Hydrangeas. I really want General Vic.

3. Select Seeds -Heirloom treasures for modern gardens. Lots of wonderful flower and foliage pictures to make you drool.

4. Logee's -these are mostly tropical plants that I would have to drag in every fall. So many beauties. Southern gardeners sure have the luck!

5. Musser Forests, Inc. -A wide variety of trees, trees and more trees. You can buy one or buy in bulk. A fantastic catalog for tree lovers.

6. van Bourgondien -More beautiful pictures. These are mostly bulbs and what a great selection, Canna, day lily, dahlia, and loads more.

7. Oakes Daylilies -WOW what a selection. Whodathunk there were so many gorgeous daylilies. I didn't used to be a fan until I got this catalog. I really like Dream Blue, Ilonka, Lavender Vista, and Persian Market.

8. Heronswood Nursery -This is one of the best among catalogs. It is thick and has big pictures. Lots of great photographs of lots of great looking rare and exotic plants. I would like to take a trip to Pennsylvania just to wander the Nursery I think.

9. Plant Delights Nursery, Inc -More spectacular photos. Whoever takes their pictures does great work. Makes you feel like you are there. The plant descriptions are super entertaining too and the covers are works of art. Unfortunately, mine came without the cover, didn't make it through the post office too well.

I have found that many nurseries are going away from the printed catalog, or beginning to charge a fee for one. This is a big disappointment to me and probably many others. One of the joys of winter is running to the mailbox to see what plants I get to look at that evening. Puts me on a sort of vacation for a few hours. I hope companies will reconsider this. I don't like paying for a catalog (okay, yes, I did once pay $7.95 for Stokes Tropical Plant Guide/Catalog many years ago. I have kept it, because it is more like an encyclopedia and well worth every penny!), I would rather spend the money on plants or gardening supplies instead.


Anonymous said...

would you pay for a beautiful catalog if the price of the catalog was taken off of your upcoming order?

I know how I feel but am curious about others.

Angie said...

No, I don't think so. There are lots of free catalogs that already offer $25. off of a $50. order. That is a much better deal to me than getting $2 or $3 refunded with an order. It isn't much of an incentive when the world of gardening is so vast.

Petunia's Gardener said...

Oh, I do miss the cardinals. They don't visit our corner of the country. There is nothing like them in the winter, or even other times. thanks for sharing