Monday, January 08, 2007

Winter is back....

The mama Amaryllis bulb is starting to grow! I noticed it yesterday. So, it took 19 days...not bad at all. All of the babies except one have growth also. Having to cram all of my gardening into one pot of bulbs is pretty pathetic, ha ha!

Yesterday Chris and I were able to go do some hiking for a couple of hours. The creek was so full that we were unable to cross at our normal rock path, it was under water.

We walked down and up the creek trying to find a spot low enough, but didn't have any luck. We ended up straddling a couple of fallen trees and carefully worked our way across. Falling into that cold water did not seem appealing now that the temperatures have dropped back down to near normal. We both made it across okay and made our way to the dam. They were letting a lot of water out. The river was swollen over its banks in some of the lower locations. We crossed the dam and followed the levee east until we reached the road that runs into the wild life area. We followed the road south until we came to our road and then followed it home. It was raining through most of our hike, but we were bundled up pretty good, so it wasn't too bad. It was just great to get out for awhile.

Today is much cooloer, only 36 degrees. It is okay, because by Saturday it is supposed to be back in the mid-40's! We are supposed to wake up tomorrow morning to an inch or two of snow. I guess that will be okay, since we haven't had any yet.

Before I forget, I did get some more winter sowing done. Eight more containers. These seeds included:
Candy Lily- 1 container
West Texas Sage- 1 container
Monarda Prarie Night- 1 container
Anise Hyssop- 1 container
Polemonium Caeruleum- 1 container
Various unknown types of blue or purple Clematis- 3 containers.

I have two tempered glass refridgerater shelves that I have been saving for awhile. I took them out and placed them over the areas where I sowed the lettuce and spinach. Hopefully with this cooler weather, they will act as a sort of cold frame for them. An experiment, we'll see what happens.

Well, I do have one non-gardening note. Today is the Championship game between Ohio State and Florida. I hung both my flags today and am wearing my scarlet and gray, including my socks! It will be an awesome game and of course, I certainly hope Troy Smith takes them all the way.



MrBrownThumb said...


So what color is your Amaryllis? I will have to get rid of some of mine one day because I have a few of them and I love starting from seeds.

Which reminds me that I need to start watering the seedlings.

Angie said...

My Amaryllis Hermitage is a beautiful red with white stripes and green center. It was gorgeous last year! I hope I have good results, as I this is the first one I have ever had. I hope I got the dormancy period right. When starting from seed, do you have to wait a year for it to bloom?