Friday, January 26, 2007

SPRING IS IN THE AIR... least it looks like spring on my kitchen counter.

I went to see my friend Diane, to share my wealth of seeds with and she was kind enough to send me home with several plant starts. Two types of Begonia and also a Jade plant. Several of the Begonia starts already had roots forming and I finally got around to potting them up last evening and also the Jade. They are all very beautiful! The mother Begonia plants that Diane has are absolutely huge, each being around 18" tall, possibly a full 2 foot. I cannot recall how long she has had them, but she has wonderful green thumbs.

The other side of the sink holds more plants. Water irises and water grass transplanted from my old pond (I haven't dug a new one yet, so these are waiting a permanent home), more Begonias, the Jade, and a Poinsettia I rescued from my friend Pam, who was getting ready to throw it in the trash. Pam on the other, only has one green tinted thumb!

I am also attempting to start 2 avacados, one just happens to sit nicely in the top of a champagne glass and the other being suspended in a vase with plastic wrap. These are nice alternatives to using toothpicks, which I have never had very good luck with.

The pineapple top is sitting there drying out so it too can be planted in another day or so. After cutting it off of the fruit, I pulled away the lower leaves to expose many roots started. Once the cut area is dried, I will plant it up and hope for the best. This is the first time I have tried this method. The last attempt I made resulted in a rotted plant, because I had no idea about pulling the lower leaves away or letting the cut seal first. I literally cut it off the fruit and just stuck it in dirt. Live and learn...

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