Monday, September 10, 2007

My garden ROCKS!!!

Literally! I love rocks...I collect them, I stack them, I lay them out, I line flower beds with them, I set them on tables, I have them on shelves in my house, I even have some on my bathroom walls. I have them everywhere. So amongst my pictures of flowers and things, I am showing just a few of my collections today.

H.F. YOUNG CLEMATIS, third flush of blooms this year. The one I like the most out of my Clematis collection, it is like the Energizer keeps going and going and going....

Rock wall lining path to back yard. I put this up last spring.

These stones will eventually be used in some sort of mason project that I have in the back of my mind. I pick these up out of the creek bed or along our lane and deposit them on this flat rock for now.

Stones lining the path by the rock wall used as filler-cover to prevent weeds from growing.

Stack of stones near front door decorated with mussel shells.

Toad Lily buds, another of my fall favorites getting ready to bloom. I divided these this spring and now have 7 or 8 plants getting ready to bloom.

Pine cones ripening. It won't be long before we are gathering mass amounts of these off of the yard. I have a couple of flower beds that I dump them into and use them for mulch.

Autumn Joy Sedum getting redder

Unknown variety of Sedum that was here when we moved in. I really like the pink color of this one as compared to the Autumn Joy.

Still gathering loads of cherry tomatos!

Smaller stones sitting on the rock wall

Granite surface


Powell River Books said...

Hi Angie -

Came to see your blog as well. Yes, your garden "rocks" in many ways. Your photographs are outstanding. The colors and clarity are perfect. I always have problems with closeups and focus.

I too love rocks. One of the reasons we picked our floating cabin was the rock wall behind it. It is a massive granite outcrop. It is covered with different types of moss. In cracks and crevices there are small trees, ferns and grasses. In front of our cabin the cliff has several ledges. On one of these grows our favorite plant, Stone Crop. You can see a picture of it here.

There are so many interesting native plants that I don't have to do a thing to make it beautiful. I've got your blog in my favorites now so I can keep up with your garden as well.

Rock on!! -- Margy

Angie said...

Thanks for coming by! I really like to take pictures of my flowers and rocks. I could do it all day long and my computer is full of them! The pictures help get me through the long cold days of winter.
I do some vegetable gardening, but do to our terrain it is difficult to use a tiller. And with the deer, raccoons, skunks, and groundhogs, it is hard to deter them from eating everything. You are very lucky to have such a beautiful place to garden! I am looking forward to visiting your blog more often!

Connie said...

Hi, stopping by from Garden Voices.

Love your rock wall! I like to use rock in my gardens, too...we have lots of nice smooth river rock available.
Glad to hear you like H.F. Young, as it is on my list for next year. I was hoping it would be a re-bloomer, like my Niobe. I have a great birdhouse to mount and plan to have the clematis climb the post.

Angie said...

Connie-You will love the H.F. Young! Mine has only been in its current location a year, and it is blooming like crazy! Thanks for stopping by.

ericat said...

I am pleased to meet another rock person. My husband and i both love our rocks. Whenever we go some-where we gather a rock or two (or more) for the garden. I will do a blog next week on our rocks for you. I have a blog on crystals Namibia crystals, but they are as fragile as they are pretty. Not in the same league as real tough rocks. On my garden blog aloe wilderness
ps. thanks for visiting my garden blog

Angie said...

We too collect rocks wherever we go! I wish in hindsight that I would have labeled them all from our travels, but we didn't. I am looking forward to checking out your crystals!
Thank you for visiting!