Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer is winding's my proof

There are a few signs of fall coming. Although we are still reaching the 90+ degree mark, things are starting to wind down.

Annabelle Hydrangea drying out

Autumn Joy Sedum color beginning

Foliage around this sign is turning colors

Down the woodland path we see these Buckeyes maturing

Sweet Autumn Clematis blooming

What a heavenly scent it has!

Leaves of 3-leave it be! Poison Ivy - watch out!!

After neglecting this bed for most of the season, I decided to pull all the weeds, including masses of Poison Ivy. Until this year, I have never had the nonpleasure of getting this terrible irritation. I was covered in a face, neck, arms, hands, stomach, legs, ankles, and even my feet. Never again will I pull this without lots and lots of protection!

Golden Rod on the hillside just beginning to bloom. Another week or so and it will be bright yellow.

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