Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Plants....for Ginia

Matteuccia struthiopteris aka Ostrich Fern
36-48" tall
Part to full shade

Pardancanda norissi aka Candy Lily
Full sun
Mid-Summer to Early Fall blooms; colors ranging fuchsia to purple

Veronica incana aka Silver Speedwell, Wooly Speedwell
12-18" tall
Sun to part shade
Violet/lavender blooms mid-Summer

Hosta Austin Dickinson
18-28" tall
Light to full shade
unknown flower color (have not bloomed for me yet)

Ceratostigma Plumbaginoids aka Hardy Blue Plumbago, Leadwort
6-12" tall
Full sun to part shade
Blue late summer to mid-fall flowers with bronze-scarlet foliage following

Tricyrtis formosan aka Japanese Toad Lily
24-36" tall
Purple spotted blooms late summer to mid-fall

Cercis canadensis aka Eastern Redbud tree
15-30 ft. tall
Part sun to full shade
Fuchsia blooms late Winter-early Spring

Linum perenne aka Blue Flax
18-36" tall
full Sun to part shade
blue flowers early Spring to late Fall

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